VCA Basis English

180.00 (ex. BTW)



VCA stands for “Veiligheid Checklist Aannemers”.
Possesing a VCA basic elements of safety diploma shows that you are capable of working safely and are capable of taking into account the environment and other people’s safety. In many cases having a VCA diploma is a must. Not having one could result in getting high fines.

Obligatory VCA

According to the law, some companies have to take measures in the field of VCA. These companies have to provide their workers with the opportunity to take part in a VCA exam. In many cases companies select and proceed only with qualified workers.

  • The course VCA Basic elements of Safety (English) takes one day (08:00-18:00)
  • The course will be finished with an exam.
  • Participants who pass the exam will receive an official VCA Basic elements of Safety diploma.
  • Participants will be send practice exams before the courseday
  • Participants who pass the exam will receive a personalized VCA pass.
  • Participants who ┬ápass will be registered in the official National register.


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